Shenzhen BAOJIA Battery Technology Co.,LTD
Design Capability

Innovative design for modern electronic products

We provide turnkey design services for OEM and ODM clients from ID,product and package design.

With numerous case studies and designers focusing on today's market, we provide

cost- effective, manufacturing-efficient and stylish designs for users

Shenzhen BAOJIA Battery Technology Co.,LTD

ID Design

We provide innovative, modern and stylish designs that focuses on the needs of user and

reflects on the global marketplace. Our creative capabilities include creative sketching,

product research, 3-D animation and prototyping. Designers are able to provide 3-D

animation models for each review phase.

Shenzhen BAOJIA Battery Technology Co.,LTD Shenzhen BAOJIA Battery Technology Co.,LTD

Packaging Design

Today's market requires sharp and eye-catching ideas. Packaging comes before product

itself on the shelves of marketplaces. Through lots of projects, we provide experienced

packaging design services for clients to ensure the look is equivalent to the quality of products

inside. Blister, card-box, insert-cards and all types of packaging materials are available.

Industrial and Mechanical Design

We also offer product and enclosure designs. Development services for prototypes and

tooling for production are standard procedures.

Electronics and PCB Design

We offer complete PCB design services, incorporating advanced technology, complex

materials, and signal integrity. We design the PCB to match the application's needs, production quality

and cost effectiveness.

Shenzhen BAOJIA Battery Technology Co.,LTD